Good day, comrades!

Alexander Nikitin, CEO of GFA Games, shares the latest facts about our company and the PIONER project, which is in active development.

Greetings, I would like to tell you about the results achieved by our company and clarify some of the realized aspects of the game:

— The game is voiced by the GamesVoice studio. More than 60 professional actors have participated in the dubbing, giving their voices to 180 game characters.

— The PIONER soundtrack will soon exceed the 2-hour length mark. The Ansia Orchestra is responsible for the game's theme song, and Igor Modlinskyi (composer of STALCRAFT) is responsible for the atmospheric and story tracks.

— The studio has doubled its staff over the last year, recruiting talented and motivated developers from seven different countries.

— The studio takes advice from clans and avid players of similar games. Some clans take an active part in closed testing.

— The game world is divided into regions. Each of these regions is an open world of different sizes. For example, one of these locations can reach 10 km². The studio does not chase the size - the priority is to fill it with exciting activities.

— "Blue Tide" is a release of energy from the station. The exploration of the Tides is an important plot theme of PIONER.

— Progression in the PIONER world is mainly about advancing expeditions into the island's depths. The player will repeatedly experience the role of a pioneer.

— The death and rebirth of your character are justified in the game and accompanied by unique game mechanics.

— In every PvE-oriented region, there is a so-called "Initiative Quest," which is an important story quest or line of quests, the completion of which can affect the situation in the region or change the balance of power.

— The developers have already recreated five major settlements with their unique designs and population. These towns now host quests and events.

— There is a special feature that makes the feeling of the game closer to a single or cooperative adventure for single and party players who want to deeply immerse themselves in PvE and story activities.