Live many stories and write your own.

The islands are plunging into darkness. We lose more and more lives with each blue tide. It's time to rectify this and strike at the enemy hidden from our sight. Complete the central story quest and find out the cause of the disaster. Perhaps it hides our chance for salvation as well.

In PIONER, the focus is on the events, factions and quests you will participate in. Play as a mercenary, a bandit, a caravan guard, an explorer, a pioneer - the range of roles is extremely extensive and will allow you to become a full participant in a variety of events throughout the archipelago.

Team up with other adventurers and act as part of a group. You and your companions can go on a long journey to the vast shadowlands or raid closed dungeons. Explore anomalies, confront hunters from other factions and complete special tasks. There's enough work for everyone.


What's a lonely vagabond or gang to do?

Go on a long journey to explore the island's most dangerous places - build roadblocks, improve your equipment, establish trade routes. All of these will help you gain a foothold in the interior of the island. The outcome of your expedition depends entirely on you.

The game features over 50 quests and elaborate stories. Some of them may contain difficult moral dilemmas or choices that affect the quest's outcome.

In case you didn't get enough of the previous point, the game has hundreds of various small tasks and activities prepared for you.

If you have nowhere to dispose of belongings or hexes - go to a special gaming area. Play machines, cards and engage in specific role-playing games.

Join different clans or interest groups - it's more fun (and profitable, haha).

I just want to kill other players!

... ...

I just want to kill other players!

Your voice has been heard! Here is how we can help you:

- Go to special territories on the global map - large areas of terrain where there are dashing battles between players. For example, the Shadowlands. You can go there as part of a group or alone. The reward for such a decision is the loot of other players and the opportunity to get rare and valuable equipment, which is often placed in these areas.

- You can also join the clan to declare war on the world together and battle with clan comrades. You will be at war against everyone else, supporting only each other and your teammates in this fierce confrontation. But you will be able to conquer resource points. Not only will you fight, but you will also earn some money!

- Joining a clan also gives you access to special clan events and activities that are supported by the game. They allow you to make new friends and meet new people easily.

- If there is no clan, but you still want to make friends and have solid cooperative action besides killing, you can find a predilection in completing quests together with other players. By joining a squad with players who have similar quests, you can do most of these quests together. Are you asking why we are writing this in this section? Because this feature also applies to the killing quests of players of hostile factions. And sometimes, not only killing but also looting. (¬‿¬ )

This world is distorting, and we must adapt to it.

This world is distorting, and we must adapt to it.

The further you progress into the island's interior, the more dangerous your surroundings will become. Don't be surprised. The archipelago in the game is transforming, turning into something...alien, suitable only for the life of Infestation and life forms that wish for human extinction.

Some pieces of the islands have already undergone several stages of transformation. Somewhere, the ground has blown up. Somewhere, everything has been contaminated or covered by blue tides. Unique artifacts or specimens for research are more likely to be found in such places. These are the materials that pioneers and explorers hunt for. If they stay alive, of course.

Transformations of the islands gave rise to a huge number of anomalous activities - be prepared to meet the most diverse spontaneous, interdimensional and biological anomalies. The latter is represented both by numerous animal mutations and spore infestations, posing the greatest threat to humankind.





A voluntary military formation of former and current Soviet military personnel who have declared their independence from the Soviet Union. They stand for restoring order to the Islands with their eventual accession to the Soviet Union.

The faction is divided into three large organizations: the Alpha Division (elite troops), the 157th Assault Regiment (assault force), the 156th Security Regiment (garrison).

The Brigade leads the largest expedition into the island's interior, but is not really concerned with a deep exploration of the islands.The main task of the Brigade is to find ways to lift the anomalous blockade of the islands.




A diverse group of renegades, looters, and other outlaws from the mainland. For the most part, they came to the islands searching for a new life or seeking to put an end to their dark past.

There is no clear indication if the bandits have any kind of an organization, but there are rumors among the commoners of Wandering Pass about a certain "ringleader" who establishes his orders among the local gangs.

Most known gangs do not openly confront anyone and try to go along with racketeering without killing people. However, this rule does not apply to the military and loners.


The Initiative


The Initiative is a secret organization that follows the orders of the government on the islands. It is engaged in exploring the island and studying the causes of anomalous activity, suppression and concealment of information from the islands.

The organization is widely represented by scientists, military and intelligence agents, and observers. Within the organization, there are many different cells whose goals do not always coincide and sometimes directly contradict each other.

It is believed that it is the Initiative that currently controls the station at the center of the island of Tartarus.




The Source Conglomerate (or simply the Conglomerate) is a group of indigenous tribes who left the archipelago shortly before the incident and united into an organization with the common goal of regaining the islands' independence and removing the spoils that had taken hold.

It is the second strongest organization on the island after the Brigade but is much more successful in maintaining its numbers and troops, having excellent knowledge of the islands.

They lead expeditions into the dark lands which have been greatly transformed by the incident. The tribes seek to save their lands from the spreading infection, which they see as the main threat.


The Raven Cult


The Raven Cult is an association of idolaters who worship the Raven God. It is formed from the renegade tribes of the Orbos and the Havenary and is controlled directly by the Havenary, who provide the cult with facilities, resources, and information.

The cult is known for its crimes. Sacrifices and mass terror of civilians – the Cult has terrorized even the native islanders, who have refused to cooperate.

The cult's main task is to disrupt the islands' expeditions and prevent any attempt to establish any permanent control over the islands.




The Guardians are a group of enterprising hunters. A formation whose interests are focused exclusively on hunting and protecting civilians from the spawns of the islands.

After settling the first waves of expeditions to the islands, the pioneers faced the threat of constant monster attacks on the camps. To protect people and make some money at the same time, a group of hunters and guides from the swamps joined together to hunt the monsters. This initiative was successful, and they became known on the islands as the Guardians, defenders of people from the island's most dangerous creatures.

Their main tasks are hunting monsters and convoying trade caravans.




Twilight is an elite division, one of the Initiative's structures. Initially, they performed a clean-up mission, erasing information on the Initiative's operations on the islands. They were also suspected of eliminating targets disliked by the government. They were known throughout the islands as "black operatives" due to their fighting skills and dark uniforms, which led many to confuse them with mercenaries or bandits.

More recently, the unit has spun off, engaging in open confrontation with private expeditions and then cutting off direct contact with other Initiative forces on the islands. Since then, the goals and motives of the black operatives have remained totally unclear.




Disgraced is the name given to the dead humankind whose bodies have fallen under the control of parasitic fungi or have been infected by their spores. There is no longer room for sense or emotion in those infected; they obey the will of the parasites who enslaved them.

Zombies are very different from the typical zombified. Their actions across the island indicate that their masters have some great goals, which they are trying to achieve at all costs.

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