PIONER - 1st person Action MMORPG

Your main point is survival and exploration dangerous PVE&PVP world

  • Your first look at Pioner, an apocalyptic FPS in the vein of Stalker and Day Z

  • A blend of singleplayer campaign and multiplayer competition set on an island filled with anomalies

  • Ever wonder what a hybrid between such games as Escape From Tarkov, Metro Exodus, and Stalker 2 would look like? You are not alone


New media

  • New Gameplay Trailer
  • Reveal Trailer
    PIONER is an Action MMORPG game where your main goal is survival and exploration. Secret Soviet underground factories, machines and labs; abandoned settlements that were inhabited by vermin and mutants. Island collapsing before your eyes, can you survive and save the population?
  • First Look at Combat System [Concept]
    We recently announced our new game, PIONER. Now it's time to tell more about her. In this video, we are bit about an important aspect and one of the key advantages of the game - about the combat system and about the character control. It's worth mentioning right away - the game is still in development and some details may change
  • Trailer E3
    The Island does not obey the rules. The Island dictates the rules. You are Reaper – the shadow operative of the destroyed “Vympel” company (squad). Your objective is to gather an army, find your old squad mates and to push back the mysterious enemy who has taken control of the heart of the island

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