Main page News PIONER developer GFA is getting a Tencent investment

PIONER developer GFA is getting a Tencent investment

Russian developer GFA Games, currently working on the MMOFPS PIONER, announced today that Tencent invested in the company and acquired a minority stake in the process

  • With Tencent’s resources and industry experience, we expect to be able to power ahead and complete PIONER faster and attract even more talent. We’re glad and grateful that our vision of the gaming world and development vector of PIONER aligned so closely with Tencent’s  - GFA Games Co-Founder Aleksandr Nikitin said in a statement

PIONER is an Action MMORPG game where your main goal is survival and exploration. Secret Soviet underground factories, machines and labs; abandoned settlements that were inhabited by vermin and mutants. Island collapsing before your eyes, can you survive and save the population?


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